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Web design is important to your online success. Although having a website that looks good is crucial for some niches, we are not necessarily talking about aesthetics, but rather, more technical issues of a website. The design of a website must be functional, and it must interact simultaneously with the site's users, as well as the search engines that provide exposure through keyword searches. Undoubtedly, our team understands how your Las Vegas web design should be created.

Although many people on the internet can show examples of poorly designed websites reaping substantial profits, those sites are not the norm, and should not be emulated when designing a new site or relaunching an existing business. There are guidelines to be followed, and some of the points on which we focus are:

  • how quickly the pages load,
  • text versus graphics,
  • the navigational structure and ease of use for visitors,
  • the link structure within the site,
  • the number and quality of outbound links,
  • creation of sitemaps and privacy statements,
  • FTC requirements,
  • fonts that are readable,
  • colors that are visually appealing versus those that turn people off,
  • layouts that make sense and provide excellent user experiences,
  • interactive pages that keep visitors engaged,
  • informative and relevant content,
  • and the proper balance between advertising and content.

Other ways that we provide you with the best possible Las Vegas web design is through the employment of scripts, specialty programming, and secure shopping when necessary. Not only should the site be usable for your customers, but it should also be easy for employees to update content, maintain accurate databases, and service customer orders. All aspects of your Las Vegas business must be reviewed when creating a new web design so that all the functions work together like a well-oiled machine.

Further, when we create your website, the design should take into account your marketing plan such as:

  • how well the site is search engined optimized to obtain organic traffic,
  • ensuring the design meets modern standards in terms of interfacing with social media sites and mobile applications,
  • a design that is easily expandable as your business grows,
  • and whether your brand is accurately reflected in the design.

Finally, we offer Las Vegas web design with strict web criteria in mind. Whether we use CSS, Java Script, DIV HTML, Flash, open source scripts, or ecommerce, we will ensure that all are properly validated, and work effectively in the most popular browser environments.

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We sit down with you, discuss your goals, make a detailed plan of what we'll do, and keep you informed along the way. We always set both short-term and long-term goals that allow you to keep track of our work.

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