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Search engine optimization comes into play long before a website is even designed and the files uploaded to a domain name. In fact, it is generally recommended that SEO be discussed in preliminary and pre-launch plans. The reason this activity is so important is that all facets of a site, including design, scripts, graphics, and content, directly impact how the search engines deliver results. The better optimized the pages in design and structure, and the better optimized the content in terms of keywords, the more productive the traffic flow, and ultimately higher revenues.

Additionally, businesses that depend on geographically targeted traffic, like Las Vegas websites, search engine optimization is crucial to finding the right visitors who are going to buy the products or services being offered. The wrong optimization is a waste of time because locally-driven companies do not want or need traffic from other states and countries. And although site owners must create the ideal balance between providing excellent content and information to their users, while structuring pages that benefit from organic search results, they must adhere to rules stipulated by various search engines. The key here, however, is that search engines do not openly list their rules and regulations. So sometimes, the process of optimizing a website can be quite painful and time consuming. Consequently, many site owners depend on individuals or companies who specialize in SEO.

Indeed, we have considerable experience in Las Vegas search engine optimization, having been involved hands-on with optimizing new companies who needed direction, existing companies who required further impetus to move their businesses forward, companies who were in the process of restructuring and redesigning their online presence, as well as individuals trying to make a simple online living. Further, SEO is relevant for all business models, whether the site sells products, services or earns an income from pay-per-click advertising.

To help you understand the services offered at, why not review some of the ways in which effective Las Vegas search engine optimization is accomplished?

1. Design or Theme of Website

Graphics are key components of SEO. They can either hinder a site's productivity or they can work hand in hand with the other components to create an excellent user experience. But there is a right way and a wrong way to use graphics in a design. Remember that search engines are not human and cannot read photos. They read code. So it is imperative that photos use descriptive alt and title tags. Likewise, it is important that graphics load quickly. And the general rule is less is more. Use photos in the right places, not all over. Also, different browsers deal with photos in different ways and this can affect search engine optimization.

2. Structure of Website

The structure of a site in terms of where links are placed and how the navigation flows will impact how search engines view a particular site. For example, if one page is more important and thus, visitors should see that page, the site owner needs to create a structure that guides traffic in that direction. By adding the appropriate links to pages in the right places, the search engines will also understand that the page is important.

3. Keywords in Content

Although it is advisable for content authors to write naturally for humans, it is also important to understand that search engines pick and choose various words and terms from the material presented. In addition to providing useful, quality information to visitors, authors should also use wording that attracts searchers. These are called keywords.

4. Search Engine Rankings

To further optimize a site, it certainly helps to be in one of the first results that are shown for specific keywords. One of the ways that our team completes this task is by finding relevant links. As more links from outside sources use relevant anchor text, theoretically, the site should move up the results pages. This does not happen over night, though, and as a result a plan is devised to make this a continuous practice.

While these four points are not the only ways in which we utilize Las Vegas search engine optimization, it does show you the importance of having a plan before launching an online business.

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