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Search engine marketing is one segment of your total online marketing plan. Because some of the functions in applying Las Vegas search engine marketing to your website often overlap with online marketing and search engine optimization, many people use the terms interchangeably, but this is not accurate, as each concept has its own unique definition and use. For example, SEO is a form of search engine marketing, and SEM is a form of online marketing. As you can see, if you placed these topics in a hierarchy, you could drill down to the various concepts, as each is part of the other.

SEM in itself is a large area of study and generally involves two methods:

1. Paid Advertising - PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a form of paid inclusions to a search engine which directs traffic.

2. Organic or Natural Search Results - SEO is an example of organically driven traffic which the search engines give you free.

The PPC model is rather simple to understand. You develop ad campaigns, landing pages, and pay for advertising based on how many people click on your ad. Once they come to your landing page, the page on your website to which you are directing traffic, basically, the intent is that they purchase your product offering. While the actual effort to create ads and landing pages can be quite onerous, as it involves a good amount of tweaking to create results, the ads are immediately live on the search engines, and can bring instant exposure to your business.

Contrarily, SEO may take months and years to build. It is a consistent, planned effort to move your website or page up the results, so that you can appear in the top positions on page one. There is nothing quick about SEO, and it rarely provides instant exposure like PPC. But, PPC methods are fleeting in most circumstances because once your ad expires, your traffic decreases as well. With SEO, once your site begins to grow with all the methods needed to gain long-term exposure, generally speaking it grows stronger with age.

SEO includes keyword research, link building, on page optimization for both the design and the content of your website, in addition to server issues that affect search engine rankings. Link building can be done in a number of ways through free blogs that discuss your products and backlink to your main site, article submission directories with bio boxes at the end of the material linking back to the desired page on your site, press releases on prominent news sites, profile links on forums, and social bookmarking which provides backlinks as well.

One area of SEO that is very important when conducting your Las Vegas search engine marketing plan is how your server is acting. What it does, with or without your control, directly impacts your search engine results. For example, how you set up htaccess files will determine whether a search engine views your site as spam or a legitimate redirect to another site. Likewise, if the server is continually slow to load pages or doesn't load at all when the spiders come calling, then your site is going to lose rankings and eventually will be deindexed. Broken links and missing pages will also pose a problem for search engine rankings.

Clearly, Las Vegas search engine marketing is a time consuming task that requires experience and a methodical system. By entrusting our team to your website promotional plan, we can create the foundation upon which your business will grow. In addition, by setting up the proper structure and establishing a firm basis, your brand will become familiar to online users.

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