The Benefits Of E-mail Marketing Over Snail Mail Marketing

One of the best ways to make sales is to contact consumers directly. There are basically two ways that you can do this, the first is with direct mail the other is with email. While both can be very effective there are clearly some advantages to using email over snail mail for marketing purposes.

The biggest benefit that email marketing has over snail mail marketing is cost. If you were to mail a letter to everybody on your list the cost of postage would be considerable. You also have to add in the cost of producing the flyer or the letter that you are going to send, this adds up pretty quickly if you are sending out thousands of letters. Email on the other hand is basically free. It costs you nothing to send the email and there are no costs in producing it.

The other big advantage that email marketing has is that it is much faster than sending snail mail. If you are going to mail out letters to people it takes time to produce them, get them addressed and then have them to delivered. In some cases this does not present a huge problem but if you have a time sensitive offer it can be an issue. Email on the other hand takes only as long as it requires you to compose the message that you want to send. The email goes out instantly so there is really no time issue at all.

Because email costs so little and can be delivered quickly it is a great way to test different marketing campaigns. You can send out one email and quickly judge the response that you get, you can then send out another one and see if that gives you a better response. This will allow you to fine tune your marketing by seeing what works and what doesn't. It is also something that is not all that practical with snail mail because of the costs and production time that are involved. In large part you will have to come up with a mailer that you think will work and hope for the best.

One last benefit that email marketing offers is that it allows people who receive your email to respond instantly. You can send them straight to an order page for your product or to a website that provides them with more information. When you send out advertising by snail mail people will either have to call you or go online to visit your website. In either case it takes more effort than simply clicking a link in the email. The more difficult you make something the less likely it is that people will do it so the less likely it is that there will be sales.

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